The Challenges

By the Grace of Allah (swt), our activities continue to increase. However, this places a strain on our existing infrastructure which cannot accommodate everyone and everything we do. Some of the key areas this impacts:

  • Capacity for our supplementary school services
  • Space limitations at key times for both women and men
  • Our ability to develop stronger links with the wider community through a multi-functional space
  • Lack of important community facilities such as ghusl facilities for the deceased

The Future

A number of options have been explored but the path forward is clear. We must build a new Masjid. We have been blessed to be able to deliver so many services to our community from our existing site, but with a new purpose built Masjid we will be able to do so much more.

Our vision for the new Masjid is to:

  • Build a multipurpose centre for all
  • Provide an inspiration for our future generations
  • Promote greater community cohesion
  • Create a modern centre for families and social activities
  • Provide better facilities for ladies and our youth