There’s no better way to explain our work than through the voices of our community.

  • Caring for Our Local Community
    When an opportunity to give back to our community arose, I took it. Serving food at the local Wellspring homeless shelter, talking with the destitute and being a friendly and familiar face means so much to the people there. Our community also shares our wealth by contributing to a winter essentials pack that helps the homeless survive the harshest months. It’s a real pleasure to volunteer in this way.

    Sister Aaliyah
  • Connecting Our People
    I was introduced to Cheadle Masjid when we moved from London to Cheadle. As a woman, I was slightly apprehensive about how I would be treated but was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome I received. Since then, Cheadle Masjid has become a second home for me and my family and a place where I feel that I truly belong.

    Sister Yasmeen Desnavi
  • Connecting Our People
    I moved to Wilmslow during my career as a professional footballer and shortly after reverted to Islam. A friend took me to Cheadle Masjid where I instantly felt the spirit of togetherness and was welcomed with open arms. I was excited to find a Masjid that was family and community-orientated with a comprehensive programme for the whole family. In the fast-paced world it’s easy to lost track of time and get caught up in life’s demands. Going to Cheadle Masjid helps me refocus on the most important things in life.

    Brother Nathan Ellington Fontaine
  • Engaging Our Youth
    As an experienced youth worker, I organise the monthly Youth Qiyam which brings around 80 youngsters together for study circles, camps, trips and other activities. Our aim is to build up their interpersonal skills and impart Islamic knowledge and lifestyle advice. By involving and empowering our younger members I am positive that we will ensure the continuity, progression and succession required to sustain our future.

    Brother Abid Anwar
  • Supporting Physical Health and Wellbeing.
    We run a range of sporting activities, like cricket, football and tennis, and we seek to introduce new pursuits to appeal to more people. Sport brings our brothers and sisters closer to the Masjid and teaches young people the fundamentals of sportsmanship, teamwork and humility and promotes fair play and wellbeing.

    Brother Humayoun Choudry
  • I pray at Cheadle Masjid every day, I teach here every week, and the people I love and cherish most in the world are connected in one way or the other to the Masjid.Despite the space limitations, the Masjid provides a first-class service for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This Masjid has already left its own mark on this community and in the future it will have a hugely positive impact on the rest of the UK too.

    Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah