Ramadan is a special month for the Muslim community, sure it’s about giving up food and drink but it’s also much more. It’s about giving up all our bad habits, undertaking more good deeds and connecting spiritually with our faith and with God (Allah).


We often are asked questions about Ramadan and we welcome them, and so we would warmly welcome you to “Taste Ramadan” at Cheadle Mosque on Sunday 27th May at 8pm.


This event specifically for those of other faiths or beliefs, will hopefully answer any questions you may have on Ramadan as well as cover the frequently asked questions about Muslims and Islam.


The event is about bringing people together and creating channels of dialogue and hopefully friendships. And of course you know how much we love our food at Cheadle Mosque – so there will be a full meal for all when we break our fast.


We would love you to join us – honestly we are really quite friendly!


Taste Ramadan – Sunday 27th May 8pm at Cheadle Mosque.


Please kindly email us at admin@cmatrust.org or call 0161 437 1093 to book just so that we can arrange catering. We look forward to meeting you.


Cheadle Muslim Association