Current Cheadle Masjid building

Every Masjid holds a special place as a house of Allah (swt) but Cheadle Masjid is different. It is more than a place of worship: it’s the beating heart of our community.

Each one of us has our own story about how we have come to this Masjid, however, regardless of our starting point, we all come together as a community to worship Allah (swt), learn more about our Deen and reach out to our neighbours through acts of charity and kindness.

Yet, our success is also our greatest challenge. The Masjid that welcomes so many is now at full capacity and beyond. We know we need to address this, not only so we can all pray under one roof, but also so we can expand the services we offer, enabling us to welcome, support and guide more people. To do this we need to build a new Masjid. One that will provide for our community today and for future generations.

Without our community we falter, with it we thrive. Which is why we are thrilled to share our plans to rebuild Cheadle Masjid. We hope you will play your part in establishing this House of Allah (swt).

Cheadle Masjid