When I first walked into Cheadle Masjid I was struck by the sense of inclusivity that made both young and old feel welcome.

As I increased my knowledge, I was encouraged to deliver talks, khutbahs and courses to share my learning with others. I was further empowered by the Masjid to establish activities and programmes to attract our youth.

Inspired by the community’s faith in me, my spiritual journey took me on a path to Al-Azhar University in Cairo where I continued my studies. Upon returning, I accepted the roles of Director of Education and Assistant Imam so I could contribute further to this special community that had given me so much. Through my roles it has become clear we need a new purpose built facility, so my plea to you is to support this development in any way you can.

Imam Abid

I have been privileged to be the Imam of Cheadle Masjid for the last nine years. This Masjid is close to my heart and I am sure, like me, you love the unity amongst the community.

We have a fantastic volunteer team of both brothers and sisters and we see great love and respect between the young and the old, Masha’Allah this Masjid is the core of this community. We pray that you can all support the Masjid’s unique and important activities and be part of its exciting future Insha’Allah.

Shaykh Abdi Ghaffar