Terror Attack on Mosques in New Zealand

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Terror Attack on Mosques in New Zealand

The Greater Manchester Mosques Council takes the opportunity of commenting on the shocking breaking news about a Far-Right Terrorist attack on Mosques in New Zealand.

This news is breaking on Friday, a Holy day for Muslims, Indeed the victims were no doubt attending their local Mosques for prayers. This was a cowardly organised attack on innocent victims going about their daily lives in peace.

We offer our prayers and condolences to the families and victims of this tragedy that now has 49 individuals killed.
We also send our thought and support to the New Zealand authorities for their tremendous work in this matter.

Sadly, this attack is a sign of a growing global threat that we have been highlighting to the authorities for some time.  This incident also shows the potential lack of intelligence or insufficient focus on Far-Right Extremism and Islamophobia.

These threats have been growing and visible for all to see, they have not grown in isolation. Arguably they have been nurtured in an environment of hate aimed at Muslims and Immigrants, sadly they have been fostered by some sections of the Media and Politicians.

This should be another wake-up call to the Media and Politicians who go around spreading hate that radicalising extremists into following narratives that have no place in our societies.

We have also stated on many occasions that Terrorism has no links to Islam or faith. This attack clearly indicates the growth of the global Far-Right network and its tentacles.

The fact that it was allegedly planned over a period of time and went undetected to both the New Zealand and Australian authorities is somewhat concerning. We ask for calm and vigilance at this time and must not allow the seeds of division and hate to have any hold in our societies. The Greater Manchester Community will today be saying prayers for victims and families of all those affected by this tragedy.

These are challenging times and we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by these mindless terrorists.

This statement is issued by the following organisations:

– Manchester Council of Mosques: MCOM

– Stockport Muslims

– Bolton Council of Mosques: BCoM

– Oldham Mosques Council

– Rochdale Council of Mosques: RCM

15th March 2019

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